Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You know you are addicted to games when...

1.A friend tells you a joke, and you automatically reply with "lol"
2.You name your 2 kids "Mario And Luigi"
3.Your wife starts yelling at you, you want to push the "music off" button
4.Your family leaves for few hours and you didnt even know they had left
5.You skip a party with hot chicks just so that you dont miss the beta event
6.When your naked girlfriend is next to you and you dont bother
7.You walk in zig zag style so snipers cant get you
8.You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in front of your monitor
9.You are so obssesed with one game character that you actually dress up like him
10.When you've spent thousands of dollars in virtual money, and your characters all live better lives and have better homes than you do.
11.You enter a new town and look for good sniper spots
12.You talk in leet and your friends have no idea what are you talking about
13.You ask your doc how many lives you have left
14.You want to cheat your wife and open your "gamecheats" book
15.You aim at suspicious people and yell "boom headshot"
16.You dream about games all the time
17.You play a game whole day because you cant be bothered to go to sleep
18.You bunny hop in the rain just to dodge the rain drops
19.You start practising the moves you see your character doing
20.You pass this list to all your other addicted friends :D :D


Anonymous said...

I love #10! Fun list, thx for sharing.

flad said...

Great list, I cannot count how many times each of these apply to me every night when I am playin my 360, keep up the good work.

Shadows Edge said...

All I can say is ROFLMAO as I try to forward this to my friends!

Mama Duck said...

Ha ha ha, great! Our list is up if you’d like to look… have a great day!

Anonymous said...

From raff:P

Anonymous said...

You are addicted to games when:

- You set fire to your classmate cause you think you are a fire mage (see the link for the article:

- You kill your friend with Mortal Kombat moves (see the link:

- You save people using techniques seen in game:

Anonymous said...